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We're In This Love Together Solo mp3

My alto sax solo on "We're In This Love Together" from the "Breakin' Away" album by Al Jarreau.

Download We_re_In_This_Love_Solo.mp3

Teach Me Tonight Solo mp3

My alto solo on "Teach Me Tonight," from Al Jarreau's "Breakin' Away" album.

Download Teach_Me_Tonight_Solo.mp3

Distracted Solo mp3

My alto solo on "Distracted," from Al Jarreau's "This Time" album.

Download Distracted_Solo.mp3

Shake That Thang mp3

An original tune recorded in 1978 by the Wednesday Night Band

Download Shake_That_Thang.mp3

Lush Life mp3

A demo of my orchestration of the classic jazz ballad, sequenced and recorded in MOTU's Digital Performer. (That's me on tenor sax.)

Download Lush_Life.mp3

Modal Suite-1. Ionian-Aeolian.mp3

An original piece for woodwind quintet, timpani, harp and strings, done in Finale using Garritan Personal Orchestra for playback.

Download Modal Suite_ 1. Ionian-Aeolian.mp3

Cello Piece Pg. 1.pdf

An excerpt from my "Three Pieces for Solo Cello," written in 1992.

Download Cello_PiecePg1.pdf

Flute Piece 2.pdf

An excerpt from my "Three Pieces for Flute and Piano," written in 2002.

Download Flute_Piece_2.pdf

Isfahan Alto.pdf

An example of my jazz notation.

Download Isfahan_Alto.pdf

Talk To Charlie.pdf

An example of my lead sheet notation.

Download Talk_to_Charlie.pdf

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There's more to come in the future.